Driving through mud for recreation can be fun. Make sure you plan ahead and be prepared. Here are some things to think about when you go:

  • Tires – will you need special mudding tires to get through where you are going? Your tires are what make it possible to go.
  • Steady momentum – if you stop in the mud you may not be able to get out unless you have a winch or something.
  • Scout out the area – it may be beneficial to walk the area you want to go mudding in to see what you are going through and decide if your vehicle is capable of the terrain and mud.
  • 4 wheel drive – It is highly recommended to go mudding in a four wheel drive vehicle for extra traction.
  • Turn the wheel – if you are about to get stuck try turning the wheel back and forth to help the front tires get better grip
  • Have Fun – Be Safe.