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Army of Two: Best 360 Co-op Shooter


Army of Two is not exactly new shooter three years old but is hands down the best co-op shooter I have ever played. It has the same kind of action and controlling as gears of war but better.  This is the best unless your playing one player, if you don’t have anyone to play with not only do i feel sorry then you but i wouldn’t recommend this game because the whole game is based on saving each others skins while having some fun. I recently played with one of my buddies and I’m sorely tempted to go buy Army of Two my self, but I don’t have too much extra money on my hands at the moment. Don’t get me wrong I will buy it I just haven’t quite yet. Anyway this game is insane. If say your partner gets shot down you can run over and drag him away and heal him behind some cover while he covers your back, you can rip of a car door and use it for a body shield as your friend hides behind you shooting, you can signal a count down so you can shoot two different targets at the same time, you have fully customizable weapons and you can even pimp it, when your surrounded you go back to back and everything goes in slow motion as you spin around as enemy’s go flying through the air (if you have shotgun would recommend it), and they have this thing where you called aggro, which is where you can draw all the fire so your buddy can sneak around behind everyone practically invisible and take out everyone by surprise from behind. Argo is pretty much if there is a big guy with a golden (pimped) RPG blowing everyone to pieces your going to fire at him not at the little guy next to him with the AK-47. Any way Lots of fun, my personal favorite and the best game if your looking for a great co-op game. Would defiantly recommend. More Info