autohotkeyWho is this For?
Do you work on a computer? Perform repetitive tasks? Limited on time? Then AutoHotkey is the program for you. With this nifty little program(under 3 mb) you can setup your own hot keys to do just about anything!(but I haven’t gotten it to bring me a cup of hot chocolate)

Some things AutoHotkey can be used for
With this program you can setup your own hot keys to Open applications. For example if you put #w::Run winword.exe in the script you can now run MS Word by hitting WinLogo+w. It can be used to type specific text by adding #1::SendInput This is my custom signature to the script you can hit WinLogo+1 and that will be typed. There are many other ways to use this program to save time and increase productivity. Be creative. For more ideas you can check out 10 Ways to Use AutoHotkey to Rock Your Keyboard, at


  • If you make a shortcut key with AutoHotkey it will be used instead of the default(I tested this with Windows XP and Firefox)
  • Put a script(myfile.ahk) in the startup folder for auto load
  • To use AutoHotkey to its full potential some knowledge of programing is required
  • Check out the default shortcut keys for Windows and Firefox